Moment A Nigerian Man Escape From Police Custody During Drug Raid In India

A video That Surface Online Show A Moment A Nigerian Man Escape From Police Custody During Drug Raid In Navi Mumbai, India.

In a major crackdown against drugs, a 44-year-old Nigerian national identified as Julius O Anthony Onyekachukwu was initially arrested from the sector 24 area of Ulwe on October 6, 2023, and 84.8 lakh worth of drugs (706 grams of mephedrone worth 70.6 lakh and 95 grams of cocaine worth 14.25 lakh) was seized.

The valuable that was seized in the raid included mobile phones, digital weighing tools, and other materials used for selling illegal drugs.

Based on information received regarding the sale of drugs in Ulwe node, the NRI Police carried out a raid at 12 locations in sections 3, 5, 18, 24, and 25 in Ulwe node and Onyekachukwu was arrested, Thus making it the 2-second time in 6 weeks that there has been a major crackdown by the Navi Mumbai police against the sales of drugs in the city.

During the raid, the police found that 14 foreign nationals had been living illegally in the country. They have been issued notice to leave the country under the Passport Act. Of the 14, 7 were female and 7 were male all of which are from Nigeria and Uganda.

In the viral video shared on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), the accused was seen being held by a policeman, but as soon as they started walking the police van, the accused let loose off the police’s grip and lunches a split away from the police.

The police wasted no time as they launched a pursuit of the accused, however one of the police in his attempt fell to the ground. Other cops can be seen scattering in different directions to catch hold of the accused running in the neighborhood.

However, there have been no reports of whether the police successfully nabbed the accused as of the time of writing this report.

Watch the video below.



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