“You couldn’t even secure IVD” – VeryDarkMan drags Blessing Okoro to filth for broke-shaming him [Watch Video]

Notable social media critic   VeryDarkMan grabs the controversial relationshi adviser, Blessing Okoro CEO by the throat for broke-shaming him.

A viral video of the critic had circulated the internet where he was seen in a casual outfit at a market buying food items.

Blessing Okoro, however, seized the opportunity to call VeryDarkMan names, (Read Here) while begging A-list celebrities to render financial help to the young man.

In response, VeryDarkMan shared a throwback video of the relationship adviser where he showered him with sweet words.

According to VeryDarkMan, Blessing Okoro is pained that he never acknowledged her, hence, resolved to spiting him and everything he stands for.

He further recounted how the relationship adviser was once ridiculed for bragging on social media with a house that did not belong to her. He also, belittled her for snatching the husband of Bimbo Ogbonna who was the late wife of a popular businessman, IVD.

Watch the video below

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