21 Savage Ft Travis Scott & Metro Boomin – Nee Nah. Mp3

Stream, Download, and enjoy this beautiful hit song by American & Slaughter Gang Ent Label protege, 21 Savage, coming through with this latest masterpiece titled “Nee Nah”. and we also got the Lyrics for you.

Nee Nah” is a song recorded by highly-talented British-American Rapper and Songwriter 21 Savage from his third studio album American Dream. The Song features fellow American rapper and singer Travis Scott and American Music  Producer Metro Boomin.  It was released as the Third track of the album on January 12, 2024, through Epic and Slaughter Gang Entertainment.

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Listen and Download 21 Savage Ft Travis Scott & Metro Boomin – Nee Nah mp3 Below.



Lyrics Below.

21 Savage Ft Travis Scott & Metro Boomin – Nee Nah

Travis Scott]I took a ballerina down to the ball dance
Met a couple ball players, found a ball stance
Now we in the bathroom, she found a ball face
Took some shots and balled out, now how the stall taste?
I can’t even go inside, my old hoes might hear
I might need to hit the town, I need you right here, right here
‘Til she reached in the trunk and found a nina
I told her, “Baby, that’s Nina Simone”
Ayy, drivin’ through the liquor store faded, braided
Hands in this motherfucker wavin’, hazy
’80s like the ’90s and 2000s (Tuh-tuh-tuh-tuh-tuh-tuh-tuh)
Drivin’ through this motherfucker, wildin’
Ayy, Brady seven pack, they come in bunch
I been with the ‘quad on a high note, gettin’ C-notes
Different presentation to this vibe, you need a keynote

Presi’ ’round this motherfucker, I ain’t sendin’ vetos

Ain’t no stoppin’ shit or stoppin’ licks, them boys on G-O
Battin’ out the 504, I saved her name as “Creole”
Balance when I’m on a road, I get the go and T-O
Dominatrix Matrix when she do it like I’m Neo
Shit is off its sockets, they lock in
Mama said live up to my name, but they jockin’
They gon’ try go and take your face for the profit
They gon’ lie, they gon’ slip and slide, get beside ya
They gon’ try, we a hundred deep like Verizon
In the trees with the bumble bees on horizon
Ain’t catchin’ Zs, I been in in the V, on road to Zion
Sell they souls, hoppin’ in that mode that I ain’t buyin’

[Chorus: 21 Savage]
He ain’t Slaughter Gang, then he ain’t official (Yeah)
When that chopper sing, you really think that they gon’ miss you?
I spent a half a million dollars on dismissals
It’s gon’ be a hearse, not a verse if I diss you (Mhm)
Got me fucked up, nigga, got me fucked up (Yeah)
When I send it past the ceilin’, that shit stuck up
All that talkin’, actin’ tough get you roughed up (21, 21)

If your wifey at the spot, she gettin’ bust up (21, 21)

[Verse 2: 21 Savage, BabyDrill]
Rich nigga, got my strap from Tommy Hilfiger (21)
Red, white, and blue, American, I kill niggas (Pussy)
Spray his block and then pull off, this a real dipple (Skrrt)
Bottega pick my cotton, but I’m a field nigga (On God)
I be sittin’ inside the house ’cause I don’t feel niggas (Fuck ’em)
Fuck with Baby, but my baby like to drill niggas (BabyDrill)
Claustrophobic, I don’t even like to chill with ’em (21)
Guess I’m fake since everybody say they real niggas (On God)
Got a whoopin’, but you still ain’t learned your lesson, huh? (Pussy)
Hard-headed, you won’t end up on a stretcher, huh? (Pussy)
Oh, you Usher now, you givin’ out confessions, huh? (Pussy)
On the blogs like these hoes, oh, you messy, huh? (Pussy)
Put a Louis logo on my switch
I know Virgil probably lookin’ down like, “Damn, this nigga back on that shit” (21)
Back inside the club with my blick (21)
Playin’ freeze tag, shit, I’m tryna see who it (On God)
Niggas say we opps, when they see me, don’t do shit (On God)

Only person believe that you a killer is your bitch (21)
Makin’ diss songs, this nigga died about a diss (Facts)
If I see my opps while I’m in cuffs, then I’ma spit (Pussy)
Wanna kill the world about your bitch ’cause she on dick (21)
Thinkin’ ’bout the hoes that I’ma shit on while I piss (21)
You ain’t heard my music, why you ballin’ up your fists? (21)
Reverb on the chopper, it go, “Baow” when it hit (21)

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