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The Search” is a song recorded by American rapper and songwriter NF. The song is from his album of the name and was released as the second single of the album on May 30, 2019, through Capitol Records. It was written and produced by NF alongside Tommee Profitt and lyrically discusses the negative impact of fame and commercial success on NF’s mental and physical health. A music video was released the same day as the song. It debuted at number 70 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

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Lyrics Below.

NF – The Search

“Hey, Nate, how’s life?”I don’t know, it’s alrightI’ve been dealin’ with some things like every human beingAnd really didn’t sleep much last night (last night)“I’m sorry”, that’s fineI just think I need a little me timeI just think I need a little free timeLittle break from the shows and the bus rides (bus rides), yeahLast year I had a breakdownThoughts tellin’ me I’m lost gettin’ too loudHad to see a therapist, then I found outSomethin’ funny’s goin’ on up in my houseYeah, I started thinkin’ maybe I should move outYou know, pack my car, take a new routeClean up my yard, get the noose outHang up my heart, let it air out (air out)I’ve been searchin’“What does that mean, Nate?”I’ve been learningGrabbin’ my keepsakes, leavin’ my burdensWell, I brought a few with me, I’m not perfectLookin’ at the view like, this concerns mePickin’ up the cues, right? I’m quite nervousHate it when I lose sight, life gets blurryAnd things might hurt meIt’s prolly gonna be a long journey, but hey (but hey)It’s worth it, thoughCold world out there, kids, grab your coatsBeen a minute, I know, now I’m back to roamLookin’ for the antidote to crack the codePretty vivid, I admit it, I’m in classic modeDon’t need pity given to me, but I can’t condoneTalkin’ down to me, I’ma have to crack your nose for crackin’ jokesI’m lookin’ for the map to hope, you seen it? (You seen it?)Been makin’ a whole lot of changesWrote a song about that, you should play itI get scared when I walk on these stagesI look at the crowd and see so many faces, yeahThat’s when I start to get anxiousThat’s when my thoughts can be dangerousThat’s when I put on my makeup and drown in self-hatredForget what I’m saying, and
Where’d the beat go?Oh, ain’t that somethin’?Drums came in, you ain’t see that comin’Hands on my head, can’t tell me nothin’Got a taste of the fame, had to pump my stomachThrow it back up like I don’t want itWipe my face, clean up my vomitOCD, tryna push my buttonsI said don’t touch it, now y’all done itI can be critical, never typicalIntricate with every syllable, I’m a criminalIntimate, but never political, pretty visualEven if you hate it, I’ll make it feel like you’re in it, thoughYou call me what you wanna, but never call me forgettableLeave you deep in thought, I could never swim in the kiddie poolWay that I been thinkin’ is cinematic, it’s beautifulMan, I don’t know if I’m makin’ movies or music videos (videos, videos, videos)
Yeah, the sales can riseDoesn’t mean much though when your health declinesSee, we’ve all got somethin’ that we trapped insideThat we try to suffocate, you know, hopin’ it diesTry to hold it underwater but it always survivesThen it comes up out of nowhere like an evil surpriseThen it hovers over you to tell you millions of liesYou don’t relate to that? Must not be as crazy as I amThe point I’m makin’ is the mind is a powerful placeAnd what you feed it can affect you in a powerful wayIt’s pretty cool, right? Yeah, but it’s not always safeJust hang with me, this’ll only take a moment, okay?Just think about it for a second, if you look at your faceEvery day when you get up and think you’ll never be greatYou’ll never be great, not because you’re not, but the hateWill always find a way to cut you up and murder your faith (woo!)
I am developin’, take a look at the benefitsNothin’ to meddle with, I can never be delicateAm I even relevant? That depends how you measure itTake a measurement, then bag it up and give me the evidencePretty evident, dependable can never be tentativeI’m a gentleman, depending on if I think you’re genuinePretty elegant, but not afraid to tell you to get a gripProper etiquette, I keep it to myself when I celebrate, ah (ah)It’s that time againBetter grab your balloons and invite your friendsSeatbelts back on, yeah, strap ’em inLook at me, everybody, I’m smilin’ bigOn a road right now that I can’t predictTell me, “Tone that down, ” but I can’t resistY’all know that sound, better raise your fistThe search begins, I’m back, so enjoy the trip, huh.

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