Israel’s Netanyahu Is Trying To Start World War III – Bolaji Akinyemi

He advised people to be aware of the channels they get information from, saying that CNN and BBC are pro-Israel, and Aljazeera is pro-Palestine

Nigeria’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Bolaji Akinyemi, has claimed that the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is trying to utilise the war between Israel and Haman to start World War III by pitting the United States against Iran.

Professor Akinyemi made this statement while he discussed the causes and the repercussions of the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel in an interview with ARISE NEWS on Tuesday.

The professor said, “Netanyahu is trying to actually start a third world war by pushing America into a confrontation with Iran in this war if he could only succeed. And that is his plan to get America and Iran into a direct military confrontation, then, God help all of us. The Americans have said they have no evidence at all that Iran is behind what Hamas did, and yet, there are pro-Israeli journalists and scholars who are giving in into American press, scoring about Iranian involvement, all to put pressure on Biden to go into a confrontation with Iran. That will be a tragic decision, tragic for all of us.”

Akinyemi commented he wanted to send a warning to the United States and the European Nation against their constant support of Israel, but he said that his warning will not be heeded as the Europeans and the US kept supporting Israel due to a level of guilt they felt as it relates to the second world war. He said, “They must realise that the government in Israel that they are supporting is the most atrocious government that Israel has had.” He said that although what Israeli’s has gone through during the second world war was horrible, it was not the Palestinians or Arabs that inflicted the Holocaust on them but rather, the Europeans, going on to say, “Out of a sense of guilt, they’ve always bent over backwards, and they’re still doing so in the support of Israel.”



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