Argentina: Lesson To Learn from This Current Squad

I was reading through a post on Facebook just a few days back when I stumble across a comment in the comment section, which talk about the current Argentina squad, compared to the previous squad which consist of so many superstars, but somehow they always fail to deliver at the biggest and the most important stage. Paying proper attention to the write-up, it all l makes sense why they have always failed.

Read the write-up.

“When I followed the history of this Argentina World Cup success since 2010, 2014, and 2018, I realized that they had some of the best players in the whole world (Di Maria, Aguero, Higuain, Lavezzi, Palacio, etc), but could not accomplish the task because most of them were trying to gain the glory by themselves rather than supporting Messi to achieve the task.

I saw several disunities in the squad. The worst was in 2018 when the whole camp separated just after their elimination from the World Cup.

In comparing this squad to the previous ones, this squad was more determined to achieve this task with Messi.

I could vividly remember the goalkeeper (Martinez) saying publicly before the world cup that he was willing to sacrifice his life just to see Messi wins the World Cup.

Just imagine such a statement from your own teammate.

The likes of Di Paul, Acuna, Mac Allister, and the rest were all supporting Messi to achieve this great dream.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m wholeheartedly submitting to you all, that you don’t sometimes need a group of intelligent people to help you reach your goals, all you need is a few people with the right determination and willingness”.

This sums up perfectly the attitude of the current player compared to the previous team. They are ready to go to war for Lionel Messi, believing in him even when that same nation he loves so much turns on him. Back in 2016 after another defeat in the final of the Copa America Messi said,

“For me, the national team is over, I’ve done all I can. It hurts not to be a champion. I think this is best for everyone, First of all for me, then for everyone, I think there are a lot of people who want this, who obviously are not satisfied, as we are not satisfied with reaching a final and not winning it. It’s very hard, but the decision is taken. Now I will not try anymore and there will be no going back “

But he eventually changes his mind due to the desire to win a medal for his country and persuasion from a few selected individuals who still believe in him, one of them happen to be a 15-year-old Enzo Fernandez who wrote an open letter to Messi on Facebook, pleading with his idol not to give up on the national team.

“Please don’t go, Leo, “Seeing you play with the light blue and white is the greatest pride in the world. Stay and have fun.” 

And six years later he is a world champion, with his idol and also won the young player of the tournament. 

As the writer said, you don’t sometimes need a group of intelligent people to help you reach your goals, all you need is a few people with the right determination and willingness.

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