Lucky Dube – Hold On mp3

Download and listen to this beautiful and wonderful song by iconic South African reggae star, Songwriter, and singer, Lucky Dube. Coming through with this sensation and inspiring music titled “Hold On“.

Hold On” is a hit by Lucky Dube, taken from his studio album House Of Exile and released in 1991. This is not just a song but a piece of motivational and inspiring music from Dube.

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Lyric Below;

Lucky Dube – Hold On

I knew exactly
What you were going through
It’s just that I didn’t have the right
To discuss your problems I saw you struggling
For our education I saw you struggling to get us clothes to wear mama
This man you got married to is dead alive
Over the years I asked myself
Many questions Is he my real dad or
Was I adopted mama I know it’s difficult for you mama
But hold on I am a little grown up nowOh Ho

Hold on just a little bit longer now [x4]

You were a laughing stock in the community
The press didn’t rest
Makin’ news out of you mama
Now is the time to show them that he who laughs last laughs the best, that’s the way it is [x2]

Hold on just a little bit longer now

I know it’s not easy for you mama but your tears will turn to laughter now that I’m a grown up mama

[Chorus: till fade]
Hold on just a little bit longer now

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