World cup 2022: Top Countries That May Likely Crash Out In The Group Stage [Opinion]

The 2022 world cup In Qatar has produced some amazing and awe moments as well as some surprising results. Teams like Argentina, Germany, and Belgium produced some unexpected results.

Only France, Brazil, and Portugal have booked their spot in the round of 16 after two games played, while the rest are still fighting to qualify for the next round. And it seems some teams who were expected to make quick work of their group opponent are having a hard time. I’ll be compiling some top teams that may be crashing out in the group stage base on the game played so far.


though they were able to defeat Mexico in their last game to go second in the log with 3 point thank to some moment of magic from Messi, they weren’t there yet, so far the team has been playing poorly. Saudi Arabia is on 3 points as they lost their first game against them, while Poland who sits atop the group is on 4 points as they were able to beat Saudi Arabia, and they play Argentina next in the final group stage match, while Mexico who are currently bottom of the table with one point play Saudi Arabia. Drawing against Poland may see them crashing out, especially if Saudi Arabia pulls another surprise against Mexico, and losing is a straight ticket home. Their best bet will be to get a win against Poland to guarantee them the top spot and also the next round.


Just like Argentina, they lost their opening game to Japan by 2 goals to 1 and fail to beat Spain (with 4 points) who is now top of the chart in their second game. they are sitting comfortably at the bottom with 1 point from two matches, Costa Rica occupies the second position after beating Japan in a hard-fought match against the Asian giant. A win against Costa Rica in their last group game may not be enough unless Spain beat Japan.


next on the list of teams that might be going home early is Belgium. well, they started not too bad like the other two mentioned above, but failure to beat Morocco in their second game left them counting their luck. currently, they sit third in the table behind morocco and Croatia with 4 points (each), as only a win against Croatia will ensure they remain in the completion and qualify for the knockout stage.


Do I need to say anything much about them? they are at the very bottom of the table with one point, Portugal has qualified with 6 points, Ghana is in second with 3 points and a draw for Ghana in their last game will see them through to the next round, but unfortunately, their last game is with Ghana. it’s a win or bust for Uruguay.

Honorable mentions


Poland may crash out if they lose to Argentina and Saudi Arabia win.


though they are in a better position to clinch the remaining ticket in their group, they can still be eliminated if they fail to avoid defeat against Uruguay.


Just like Ghana avoiding defeat is the only option to round 16.


surprise? don’t be, their last game is against Senegal who has 3 points, a draw will ensure (Ecuador) they make it to the next round but a defeat will be in favor of Senegal to the round of 16

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