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P Square Temptation free mp3 download.

Download and listen to P Square Song titile “Temptation“.

Temptation” By P Square, is a single from their debut Studio Album “Get Square” which was released back in 2005.

The album (Get Square), contain popular and hit tracks like, Bizzy Body, Say Your Love nor dey lie, Story, Get Squre, Omoge mi, etc.



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  • This na Temptation!
    I say this na Temptation!
    Wit ah little confusion!
    Infatuation!, Oh Lord.
  • [verse1]
    All my friends dey call me numba ten
    Cus I dey play like Okocha
    Dey score like ronaldinho
    Honey be good, no start weytin wey you no go fit to finish
    I no fi judge Finidi, Oh Oh!
    I cannot deny it
    Cus I dey see you dey eye me
    Something been dey bite me
    Now how can I go on n hurt my wifey
    Girl can’t you see
    When I sleep its you
    When I dream its you
    When I weep its you
    When I eat its you
    Anything I do why must it be you
    Girl can’t you see its true
    You dey make me dey go
    (Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, O, Uh Oh, Oh Oh)
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