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P Square I Love You free mp3 download.

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I love You” by P Squre is a  single from the Album titled “Danger” which was released in 2009.

the “Danger” Album was their fourth studio Album which has Five singles- I Love YouPossibility, Gimme dat, E Nor Easy and danger.



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  • I love you (4x)
    The person na person for me
    Oh yeah, I love you
    Oh yeah, oh no, na na na na, yeah
    Oh yeah, oh no, …..
    Verse 1
    My girl, if I go do anything
    I go do am well well for you
    Am putting all my trust in you
    Cos am in love with you
    It’s like I’ve programmed myself and everything depends on you
    I can’t get my eyes off you
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